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ES fiber is a high-end differentiated composite fiber invented by Chisso, Japan. The company uses Chisso composite fiber technology to produce high-end ES fiber and hot-air non-woven fabric.
ES fiber

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What is ES fiber?

ES fiber is a combination of two resins with different melting points. Using the difference in melting point between the two, the bonding between the fibers can be achieved only by heat treatment. Because it is a cleaning fiber that does not use adhesives, it is widely used in sanitary materials such as diapers.

ES fiber

Features of composite fiber:

· Non-woven fabric can be formed by thermal bonding
 (Binder-free non-woven fabric)
·Easy for hot melt processing
· Various shapes can be formed by heating
·Can be bonded with film
Features of polyolefin fiber
·The lightest kind of all fibers
·Excellent drug resistance
·Due to its water resistance, it has quick-drying characteristics


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